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Trump is done.

Donald Trump

Trump on (his hopefully) secure iPhone.

You know it.

I know it.

Everyone knows it.

Trump’s impeachment is something that everyone is waiting for. I’m not kidding. Republicans don’t like him. Democrats don’t like him. People inside his own administration are fearful of him.

How Long can this travesty go on?

Trump is thoroughly, thoroughly incompetent. There are times when I listen to him and I wonder whether he is sane.

Don’t confuse what I’m saying, though.

Trump is an entertainer. He knows how to do the business. He knows how to game the system.

He’s been doing it over and over again after he became President.

But that does not hide the fact that he is incompetent to be President.

To be the Commander-in-Chief of the World’s most powerful Armed Forces.

He doesn’t know what the Nuclear Triad is. I haven’t ever read a single lucid speech of his.

He said he doesn’t need intelligence briefings because “he’s a smart person“. He tweeted about his daughters fashion line being dropped by a store during a Intelligence briefing. (presumably). His and his administration’s incompetence was on full display when North Korea launched a ballistic missile: The Administration dealt with the issue in full view of (wealthy, but) ordinary citizens. They even presumably used an iPhone Flashlight to read classified documents. That’s a huge security risk.

Not to mention that Trump still tweets from an insecure phone.


This image is the best representation of the Trump Administration.

For all the protests, ruckus and grassroots liberal movements that Trump has sparked, he has an even bigger enemy, an enemy that is, in fact, the most powerful in the world: The Deep State.

What is the Deep State you ask?

The origin of the term is after a series of incidents in Turkey, and now has generally come to denote the armed forces and civilian authorities (intelligence agencies, police, administrative agencies and branches of governmental bureaucracy),when they do not respond to the civilian political leadership, as it goes against their interests.

Now, before you lampoon me as a Conspiracy theorist; I’d like to put some caveats. I;m not saying that Trump will be thrown out as a result of a conspiracy by the American Deep State. Rather, Individual Civil servants (Them “Anonymous Sources”) will push otherwise classified information into the public arena, to further discredit Trump. (To further discredit him, you ask, is that possible? I ask myself that every day).

Why, you ask?

Because he’s prejudicial with their interests with respect to Russia. They suspect, and some actively believe – that he’s a pawn of the Russians.

And you must already know they hate the Russians.

Whether you like it or not, Dems, he’s the elected leader of your country. Do not fall prey to political pressures and support the Military-Industry Complex’s war on him. It will be an extremely, extremely, bad precedent. Civilian Authority, no matter how ridiculously bad, is better than giving your state away to these vested interests. It’s time, rather, that you start to use the Senate’s bipartisan investigation on Russia and pressurize the House Oversight Committee to finish Trump.

Cause there’s a right way to do things. and wrong way to do things. Its up to you, which path you choose.

Choose wisely, young one, for the future of the world maybe in balance.


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