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2021 Assembly Election Results

The 2021 Assembly Elections in Kerala witnessed an LDF wave, with the incumbent state government receiving a larger mandate, winning 99 seats while the primary opposition, UDF won 41 seats. The BJP-led NDA lost the one seat that it had won the previous elections. 

The election was a historic mandate for the Chief Minister Pinrayi Vijayan, who became the first Chief Minister in Kerala's history to retain power. 

(Please note there are inaccuracies in spelling and in the reservations as indicated in the map).

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Pre-2021 Election Analysis

Kerala is preparing to elect the 15th Legislative Assembly of the State on April 06, 2021. The State is witnessing an election like never before as the Communist Party of India (Marxist) (CPM) - led Left Democratic Front (LDF) looks to break the cycle of Kerala Politics and be re-elected into office. The Congress (INC) led United Democratic Front (UDF) is its primary opposition that is trying its very best to unseat the them, with Bhartiya Janata Party's (BJP) National Democratic Alliance (NDA) waiting in the wings. Since the current two-front system has come into existence in the State in the 80s, not a single incumbent has been re-elected.

History is not however the only challenge that the LDF has to overcome in the current situation. The narratives against the LDF Government including a fishing scandal, gold smuggling scandal and much, much more. They are however unfazed and their slogan quite self-assuredly reiterates that they are on their way back: "LDF Urappannu" (LDF, For Sure.) While multiple pre-election surveys show that the LDF has an edge, elections are not wholly predictable and can swing one way or another.


Times have radically changed as political equations and bases have been radically altered by the growth of the BJP and changing economic profiles and demographics.  The UDF and more accurately, the Congress faces an existential crisis. Without governance in the State or in the Centre, the Congress will find it exceedingly hard to retain both its workers and crucially, its leaders. 

The 2021 Elections are likely to be an epoch making one as it will guide the direction of the next few decades of Kerala Politics. The UDF/LDF pattern of Kerala politics will be irrevocably broken. What the future holds is unknown. Meanwhile, you can check out this page to have a deeper knowledge of the State and its dynamics. 


Manifesto of the major fronts in 2021

*Unfortunately all three are in Malayalam


You can view this and other maps in higher detail here.

Kerala Maps anchor
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Older maps from earlier elections

Kerala AE 2020 LP.jpeg

If the 2020 Local Body polls were aggregated on constituency basis.

Kerala AE 2019 assembly.jpeg

If the 2019 General Elections were disaggregated on constituency basis 

Source: Manorama

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