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Ananth Krishna Subhalakshmy


Lawyer (NUALS '20). Bharathiya, Sanatana Dharmi, മലയാളി. I regularly tweet at @/Ananth_Krishna_ and can be reached at


I normally write on Kerala, Constitution/Law, Politics, Culture and History.

You can find all my articles published elsewhere here.

What some of my friends have to say about me:

Aashna Dev: "Ananth is like a hot cup of tea: great company fresh off the brew but less agreeable when enjoyed late. 😌"

Aishwarya Ajayan: "Ananth is a walking talking encyclopedia. I am constantly amazed by his knowledge of history, politics and other important disciplines such as the matters of the heart.  Granted, he's made his share of missteps but he always learns and grows. This sheer willingness to grow, learn and evolve has reflected in his study of history and politics as well. He is a true wonderkid and is the most recommended counsel for any of the areas mentioned above.  This new platform by Ananth promises quality content and I have no doubt that it will deliver exactly that."

Pragya Naraynan: "Ananth has a gift that very few do: the ability to put thoughts into words that can be understood by everyone. In the little time that I’ve known him I’ve come to realise that he never hesitates or flinches to share what he knows with people around him. I couldn’t be more glad that there is now one more portal where he can share his writing with the world. 😄"

Sharath Chandupatla; "Ever seen a guy flirting with a girl by Napoleon Bonaparte stories? That's Ananth!"

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