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Times of Narcissism

(Edit:This post is meant as satire. I don’t mean that taking a selfie is a flaw. Everything is written in jest. )

I’ve been noticing this for quite some time, and I’ve been thinking about this “trend”. The spark was when I noticed the wallpaper of one of my friends phone is him smiling broadly. Kinda weird, I thought since most people put some loved one’s photo. I myself keep my sister’s photo as my lock screen. I don’t keep my photo as my background in any device. I feel it’s kinda self-centered to do that. Okay, I’m drifting away here. Back to topic. So it suddenly struck me how people are self centered to the point of narcissism. We are living in times of the “selfie” when everyone from Barack Obama to the homeless guy on the street is part of the “trend”. I myself have been a victim of the Selfie-monster.

We have dinner selfies, skydiving selfies and most weirdly, a selfie “stick”. We’re being promoted to take selfies more than ever. From Snapchat to Instagram, selfies dominate our Social network feeds. And yesterday, Apple iPhone 6S, recently introduced an “Emergency” Selfie. Oh just c’mon people ,were are we going with this? Sexy time selfie? New Friends Selfie? We’re more self centered than ever. Narcissistic, in fact. Obsessed with how we look, what we eat, Oh , I could go on and on. In Greek Mythology, Narcissus looked into a pool of water too fall in love with himself. Today, millions and millions of people look into their electronically lit screens to fall in love with themselves.  I’m not bashing anyone or anything. It’s just an unhealthy truth. I wonder whether Joseph Niepice, the creator of the first permanent photograph or George Eastman of Kodak ever expected people to point their  phones  at themselves to take a self portrait. Sorry, Selfie. I see where the compulsion comes from though; I feel so good when I take a selfie. It’s addictive. I hope I don’t fall in the trap. Oh well, time for a #Bloggingselfie.

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