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The Fallen King

” How dare they refuse my offer ! ” Astor bellowed. ” I offered the fool’s son my own sister ! My own sister, Celine!” he cried out to his wife. “My dear, not so loud” said Celine in a calm voice. Why could she not understand, thought Astor. This was the only chance at peace. “Jordan is a fool! You know that. There is no reason to fuss over it now. Mabel can marry some one else! ” Celine blared at her husband. Jordan is certainly a fool. This was the only hope to end the resentment between the Cabels and Remulians, and he squandered it. Now the only way to end this is blood. And I shall bleed him. Astor remained mum, and with gloom looked at his wife’s face. Celine slowly drew her hand and stroked his chin. “I feel your pain, love.” She said, and Astor felt peaceful.” What needs to be done needs to be done” she continued, shifting from the chair she was sitting on to Astor’s side. she placed her head on Astor’s shoulder, and there husband and wife sat for some time. “You know what Aaron’s last words were? ” asked Astor, as he got up from their bed, pushing his wife away. “No” said a bemused Celine. “Astor.” “Oh, my dear..” Celine’s voice dropped, and she had a look of unsettlement. ” He called out my name, Celine. Just before Jordan Remulian plunged a sword through his heart. ” Astor shrieked, “I see his happy face, with his hair pulled to the back ,his broad face,his sword, raised to the sky, the sun shining high in the sky, the Cabel banner flying.” Astor’s voice grew a desperate tone. Celine remained quite, and she slowly walked to the fire and warmed herself. The room was cold, Astor came into realisation. Cold,Like my heart. “And I was there,Celine. I was there, his brother, and I could do nothing as he plunged a sword through my brother. I could do nothing” Astor teared up, ready to burst. He stood at the corner of the room, and Celine slowly got closer to the sobbing Astor, and placed her hand on his back. Astor slowly stopped, and drew a deep breath. He looked at his wife, red eyed and tearful. “I’m sorry, Celine” “I’m the one who is sorry, Astor. All this pain, and I cannot help you. Remember  you were just a boy then!” “Yes, Celine. I was only a boy then. I am a man now, and offer my sister’s hand to the son of the man who killed her brother. I loved my brother, and I vowed to avnege him, yet here I stand, angered at the refusal of my brother’s killer!” I shall take my revenge, when the time is right. “My dear…” Celine said. I shouldn’t put her through this, thought Astor. My pain is my pain alone. I shall avenge him. Jordan Remulian shall pay his blood. “Forget that, What to do with Mabel? She really did like Arthur” Astor said,calmly, wiping his tears. ” The Ollen boy seems to like her, and Mabel seems quite smitten with him too.” Celine replied. ” The Ollens are a good house. Aeon shall be pleased if I offer him my sister. But are you sure Mabel likes him? “Astor asked, slipping into deep thought. She is my sister, after all. Not some pawn in a game I’m playing. This was not what I  asked for! I was to be a knight, or a banner man for my brother. Instead I sit in his place, A place I got because my brother died for it. A place he got because of Jordan’s deceit. A place I’m not worthy of. In some twisted way, Jordan Remulian’s act of back stabbing led him to his place, and should be grateful for all he had to Jordan. What a terrifying way to think. “Astor.” Celine tapped lightly on his shoulders. “eh? Oh! Sorry my dear. I was thinking” Astor said,and sat down on the chair. It was still warm, where Celine sat before to warm herself in this cold winter. “She told me she thinks Vinci is handsome” She continued,sitting on the bed, directly opposite to him. “Vinci?” “Vincent” “What about the boy?” “Alvin says that the boy is head over heels for her.” “Young love” said Astor, and smiled for the first time. Celine returned his smile, but there remained a look of concern on her face. ” I shall talk to Mabel and confirm it. I shall make it Grand. She is a Cabel.” “Good,my love”Celine said,and continued “What about Arthur? Who is the young bear to marry?” “The Isther girl. Meera. I have no doubt it was arranged by your aunt and brother James, Celine.” She is a Woldorf,Astor had to remind himself that. ” You know how I despise my brother. If my aunt had any control over Jordan, Mabel would be marrying Arthur. She was the only one in the Remulian camp who supported the alliance.” That was true. Joanna Woldorf is a shrewd woman- she would do as it benefits her and marrying her son to a Cabel is something no would refuse. “And Arthur. Arthur liked Mabel.” Astor sighed. Arthur is a good lad. If Mabel had married him , his nephew would have been the Lord of Gea. Now, his nephew or niece would be his banner men at Oxham. Oh ,All’s well that ends well. At the end, only the Pavons and Anbhavs remain. The Remulians can be isolated. That will do for now. A King I was. A King Of Valin, A king who ruled from the Mountains of Cher to the Rivers of Isne, to The Sea of Elam. I may not be king again, but Mark will. Mark and Jacob shall ride side by side, Astor smiled at the thought of his children . Jacob shall ride and be with his brother like I would have. “I almost forgot.How are the boys? Mark and Jacob?” “They are fine, my love. Sleeping right now.” Celine said. Astor slowly got up and sat down beside his wife. He slowly kept his head in Celine’s lap. Celine smiled, and started to fondle his hair. Astor remembered his father running his hair through his hair. ,and he could not forget the day: What is death, he had asked his father once. He still remembered the day,and what he said: “Life is the beginning, and death is the End.” He had said, “But both have their dues. Life is always paid by death, and death by life.But sometimes,death has to be payed by death” “When?” “Oh, young one, you will know then” His Father lifted him in the sky, and said: “For now, feel life.” “I know what to do, Celine.” “What is to be done?’ “I shall let him hear the child’s screaming, and then is shall take it from him” “Take what?” asked a puzzled Celine. “The honour he does not have”

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