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Political murders and media bias

This is an oft-repeated theme, something that has been written about profusely by authors of various shades. It is a theme that is very repetitive, but nonetheless it should be written about and discussed, since it shows the failings of the established mainstream media and their anti-BJP bias.

A 20 year old BJP worker in Purulia district of West Bengal was brutally killed, and his body hanged in public. On the back, scrawled into his white T-shirt was the message that would send a chill down anyone’s spine:  “This is for doing BJP politics from age 18. Been trying to kill you since the vote. Failed. Today you are dead”. Just a day later, another 32 year old BJP worker was killed, ostensibly by Trinamool Congress goons.

The news appeared across websites of many Mainstream outlets, and that Republic TV did a story on the issue shouldn’t appear as a surprise, considering it’s pro-BJP bias. What is missing is the frenzy over the murder that would have otherwise followed if the murder had happened elsewhere. Say, for example, In Uttar Pradesh, a BSP worker was found hanging with this message. What would have been the reaction? (Note that 20 year old Trilochan Mahato was a Dalit. Where is Mayawati on this? Nowhere to be found, of course.)

We would have seen Newspaper headlines screaming about political violence which is oppressing the marginalized community, opinions and columns filling up the space of Times of India, Hindustan Times and The Hindu. The Wire and will also have dedicated pages to covering the killing and the investigation. From a rudimentary search, Wire seems to not have covered it all, while Scroll had two reports. And their bias is quite evident, see how they have phrased the headline:

“found hanging”/ “Through investigation”

Our great journalists and pre-eminent intellectuals would have written countless pieces on the killing, demanded that the Prime Minister speak out on the issue and issued a joint statement on it. But, no. The life of a BJP worker comes cheap for them. He is after all guilty of ‘wrongthink’ and his death does not deserve attention.

I’d like to show you a more in the face example. Take the instance of Mathrubhumi, the second most circulated Malayalam newspaper — it had headlines and editorials screaming about the Dadri Mob lynching and ‘intolerance’ on days for end.

“Burning Intolerance”. check out the archival epaper for more.

While today, the death of the two BJP workers were a page 09 news, in a small column, which says they ‘were found hanging’ and the BJP ‘alleging’ that they were murdered by Trinamool Congress.


The Page 9 news that appeared on 03/06/2018

Trilochan Mahoto (Om Shanti) will soon be forgotten by everyone, I for one will not. He represents the cruel nature of media coverage and bias. Those who think in some way that the establishment is favouring BJP’s “Hindutva” agenda over ‘Liberal agenda’ must surely rethink what they’ve heard and believed.


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