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Hope in troubled times

Note: This is not a normal post, but for those who might not be feeling their best due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. If you’re feeling great (which is awesome!), feel free to skip this post 🙂

A prolonged lock down can get to you. I doubt there is anyone who is not anxious about the coming days, weeks and months. I am too. COVID-19 has taken over the entire stream of  news and information on the television, and its consequences are more than acutely present in our day to day life. The reported cases and consequent deaths continue to rise, worryingly so.  There seems to be no escape from the bad news. But we can endure this. We have endured worse. And the We I speak of here is not you or me but the society consisting of you and me. We as a society, have fared through worse. One of the most enduring things about Human nature is our persistence and  unwavering will to survive. More accurately, it is our perseverance at surviving, enduring, and prospering through difficult and frightening times that make us who we are. And we will endure. And we will prosper. The hope of a better tomorrow is ever-present. That hope, I believe, unites us all. 


Life finds a way Source:

Times are hard, no doubt. Things look bleaker everyday… But it is darkest before dawn. We are made of sterner stuff than this do-nothing virus. Things may never be the same after this is over; scratch that, things will not be the same. Change is inevitable. Change is constant. But we will adapt to it, as we have to everything else. 

The lockdown will  end. You will see your friends and family again. Life will return to a new normal that you will eventually grow comfortable with. It is not what we envisioned when the year began, it is certainly not what I envisioned when my last semester of law school began. But things are the way they are.

Stay informed of what is happening, but do not lose hope. Stay Home, stay safe. Call your friends, catch up with them. Comfort them. There is still tomorrow. This too shall pass. 

Special thanks to Aishwarya Ajayan for editing. 


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