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A few notes after the BJP clean sweep in Uttar Pradesh

Also known as gloating.

This time is one of the very best times to be alive as a Supporter of the BJP, or by extension, non-“liberal”.

The worst time, and I can attest to this, in recent times was December First week. Deaths were mounting, or so they told us, because of Demonetisation,  and The Former Prime Minister of India, A renowned economist, called it “loot and plunder” and the pressure on the GoI to deliver was at its peak.

Right now, in the third week of March, BJP has a clear forward path to to 2019.Shri.Modi can more or less be sure of a victory in 2019, provided that there are no massive blunders.

The most astounding thing that has been continuingly displayed in this election (as well) is the utter disbelief and despair that has captured the left wing establishment in the Modi Wave, clearly illustrated by Shela Rashid, former Vice President of JNUSU and Bharat Tukede Glorifier:

Talk about sour grapes.


Even though she’s a partsian, the lack of grace is more than observable. But let’s move in to more “objective” people: ‘journalists’ (on second thought, I think the quotes for journalists are absolutely unnecessary.) The “ground reports” from these people more or less displayed a resurgent BSP, a powerful Congress-SP Alliance and a revived RLD in West UP.

This as seen here :

Another offender was The Hindu, as noted by me in a facebook post:

(“The Hindu on February 12, 2017: Jats are drifting away from BJP, RLD will win/take their votes in West UP.

End result: RLD wins one seat. And The Hindu says: “As reports of Jat alienation from the BJP in western Uttar Pradesh started gaining currency, Mr. Shah made it a point to hold meetings with community leaders, allaying their fears. Union Minister Sanjeev Balyan was extensively deployed to prevent a Jat exodus from the BJP ranks.”(source:”

The exit polls showed a very close race in UP between the BJP and Congress-SP. The end result, of course, we all know. The Congress-SP Alliance and BSP have been blown out of the water.

There needs to be a huge rethink in how not only exit polls are calculated, but also a huge rethink from these “media houses and mediapersons” with regards to how they traffick their narrative.

This verdict has clearly shown that Modi retains the sort of popular support that propelled him in 2014. He now enjoys, arguably, the support of Indira Gandhi-level from the masses. What he does with this sort of support and faith will be of immense importance for the future of Bharat.

Demonetisation has now more or less proven to be an excercise that has more or less proven itself to be a political masterstroke, and not the vote-killer for the BJP that it was made to be. The DeMo effect could probably propel Modi into his second term, but he cannot afford to be complacent.

From the post election result coverage, one can also discern two discernable issues propogated in an effort to what I do not know, but is clearly bad.

First is the attempt by some to say the “Democracy has been subverted” by alleging that Electronic Voting Machines are compromised, with little to no proof.

Second, after the loss of Irom Sharmila, (which I agree, is sad) is the idea that you “owe” your vote to someone, or that someone “deserves” your vote. Also, many Feminists have failed to notice the victory of Swati Singh, whose victory should gladden any soul. She stood strong and unrelenting in the face of abuse and harassment and succeeded. The image below, that of her being garlanded by her Husband, is a powerful one :

Her victory is surely a rebuke to the form of hypocritical and inherently misogynistic politics, and a success of all that is good. Yet, one has not seen anything in “Mainstream” media about this. (Any guesses why?)

In conclusion, the political duo of Modi- Shah has proved themselves after Bihar 2015. But 2019 can go the other way, if they are not careful. Here’s to hoping they are.


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