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A Coversation,Part I

” Does it matter how much you can understand ? ” ” Not really. The only thing that matters at the end of the day is the grades on your report.” ” People are judgmental ” Ajay completed . ” Everyone is judgmental. ” Adithyan retorted. Ajay Smirked. ” People say that grades don’t really matter, but they do. They matter a lot. But what matters even more is the hand you’re dealt with in life. It doesn’t matter how talented you are if you’re born in a Bombay slum and will never eat a full meal all through life. ” Adithyan started walking faster. ” Always the optimist. ” ” I’ve always been an optimist. ” Adithyan felt his bag getting heavier, As he slowly strutted along to the Bus stop. ” Do you really think all people judge all people they meet? ” Ajay’s smile went right up to his ears. Where is this conversation going, thought Adithyan. Ajay was a friend-How much could he really want to know? ” Of course we do- It’s a survival instinct we’re born with. Most people don’t do it consciously. They’re mistake. without judging people, we cant survive- we don’t know who to be with, who to understand, who to believe and what not. ” Adithyan smiled at his own intellect. ” So you’re Doing it consciously? I mean you talking to me right now could mean an end to our friendship just because you might judge me as a being a worthless friend? ” The friends  reached the bus stop, almost to part. Ajay’s smile had disappeared, replaced by a slight frown. Just as I feared, thought Adithyan. People jump on too early. Always. ALWAYS. The Sun seemed heavy and almost to set, a  dusk too early . ” No. There’s a reason you’re my friend. Because I think you can add value to me and I can add value to you. Without that, how could we talk like this. Maybe my failure lies in being too frank . I find no reason in hiding things. Either come out truthfully or don’t do nothing ” Adithyan felt relief . ” You’re true, sadly ” Ajay’s smile returned. ” Not really. As I told you earlier, It is an instinct we have; there is no use in fighting it. Embracing it and using it to our benefit is the best thing we could do. ” Adithyan shifted his bag uneasily. the 6 o’clock bus was late. Unusual. ” Then we should use all our instincts, eh? ” ” Not Ideally. We evolved mores and social structures for a reason. Not everything we think is right is not wrong. I’m slightly introverted. I’m not anti-social. I do  crave attention ” ” At times… ” Ajay grinned. Adithyan smiled at his friend. Such a short friendship, yet so deep. Interesting people have a lot to contribute . We could sometimes be friends with some persons for a 100 years and learn nothing, While some friendships , add value for every second you’re with them. this was one of those friendships , Adithyan reasoned. The friends stayed silent for some time, before it was broken by the cacophony of the 6 o’clock bus. ” It’s time then, bye. ” ” Bye. See you tomorrow !” Adithyan waved. Ajay waved back, grinning, as usual.   

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