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A Conversation,Part II

” So you’re telling me you don’t believe there is a god, but everything we do will determine our place in the world ? That’s absurd ! There must be someone to judge us, that entity being god. ” ” So you believe there is a all powerful supernatural entity you call god because everyone needs to be judged, to be evaluated ?” Adithyan cocked his head back and smiled lightly. ” Nope. I think there is a god because it is logical and rational to assume so. ” Ajay reasoned, and he slanted his body to the right, almost losing his footing. He took a step backward and leaned against the wall behind him. ” It’s not logical , Ajay.” Adithyan shifted his legs, and turned directly opposite to his friend. Ajay pushed his hand back and rested it between his back and wall. ” See, there was a creation right ?” Adithyan remained mum, and just grinned. Ajay shifted his hands uneasily behind his back, and he continued ,”So it is logical to assume a creator. man has believed that there is a supernatural being since time immemorial. There have been atheists since time immemorial too. But religion continues to exist, and is ever growing. Does it not point that there must be some kind of supernatural being? ” Adithyan was still grinning, and he cocked his head back, and spoke : ” There was no creation, The origin of the universe is still a mystery. ” ” The big bang theory ” ” Notice the word theory?” Ajay could not suppress his smile. ” It is the most popular and accepted theory as of now, yes. but still not proven beyond doubt. A lot of underlying evidence, but do not assume singularity as a creation of a supernatural being. Even if it is, it would have to manipulate all this creation in such a way that our Galaxy and Sun is formed, and a small piece of rock in the outer edge of the milky way should have perfect conditions for life. Easy to assume since in all religions God is an unquestionable creation, the end and the beginning. ” Adithyan smiled broadly, while Ajay was leaning back to the wall more, and had a look of doubtful curiosity, Almost frowning, thought Adithyan. ” Man, or that fact all of humankind observed a lot of unexplainable phenomenon when we were hunter-gatherers. We had a powerful brain, we could understand that lightning was not something any beast could create. We could not explain fire, the red thing that devoured everything and made all it consumed ash. Thus lightning became the weapon of Indra and Agni, the indomitable Fire god . All these gods existed among The Celts, Greeks,Vikings and the Baltic Tribes. Then, these gods withered away, Then came Christianity and Islam , the monotheistic religions. ” Adithyan felt unease. I don’t want him to be offended by my beliefs. Ajay released his hands from the wall, and stood up more straight, but still leaning on the wall. “Go on ..” ” So basically Man’s concept of god has never been singular. There have been analogous gods , yes, but never the same. Next point : people are idiots!  ” ” Quite a statement ! ” Ajay smiled, now free of the wall completely. ” Look, When Darwin presented proof for evolution, people ridiculed him. Time proved him right. ” Adithyan cut in, clearly annoyed by Ajay’s wit. ” Your point being that people don’t believe in what presents itself as the truth, but what they have been taught, or what they believe is the truth.” ” Ha. exactly, Ajay. ” Adithyan guided his friend to the juice stall in front of them, As Ajay put his hand over Adithyan’s shoulder, and the friends sat down in the shade of the polythene sheet spread over the front of the stall. The Sun god was venting his full fury on the earth . Patriarchy created god as themselves, thought Adithyan. Him, not her. Maybe Hindu beliefs are different. There are female gods as powerful, sometimes more powerful than male Gods. Ajay pulled out a plastic chair and sat down on it, and Adithyan did the same. A table stood between them. ” Two Amul Kool ” said Ajay as the shopkeeper approached. ” You know what, I read somewhere that we never called ourselves Hindus. It was the Persians who called us Hindus after the river Sindhu. ” “Yes. For us, religion was always belief in Dharma, the right, the good in the world. ” ” Us? ” Ajay made a questioning face at his friend. ” Yes. I do believe in the good and right in this world. I beleive on the same set of values Hinduism promotes. It’s not written anywhere that I have to worship god to be a Hindu ” ” True. As they say, Hinduism is Dharma, a way of life. ” Ajay looked lost in deep thought. ” Yes. but coming back to we were discussing first, You asked how judging people was possible without god. ” “Absurd question when I look back. I always had the preconception that only God could judge people. We know too little to judge someone. ” ” Yes, What we talked about yesterday evening.” The Shopkeeper kept the two bottles of Amul Kool on the table. “Ah, good” Ajay looked delighted, as he sipped from the bottle. “It is good ” Adithyan replied as he thought about Amul. What an efficient organization. They make quality products which are price- effective too. A Cavin’s milkshake cost 25 rupees, while Amul kool cost 20 rupees and both taste heavenly. Heaven. What a wonderful concept. ” Go on, mate ” Ajay said. ” Yeah. So people judge without knowing people. but we have to do it, so as to survive. But society as whole may judge people differently than the constituent induviduals. A tsarist may judge Lenin unfairly, while a Bolshevik will judge him differently, and us even more differently. So society judges people after their death differently than before. ” Adithyan took a second more to snap out of his thoughts. “Hitler” “Yes , Hitler is a prime example. ” ” He Didn’t do Nothing ” Ajay laughed. ” Yeah. ” Adithyan replied,continuing ” So there is no need for a god.” ” Maybe leaning on it was easier. ” ” Maybe, but leaning on lies and fear to make it work doesn’t make it true.” Adithyan took a sip from the bottle, and leaned back on the chair. And there the friends sat as the Great “Hindu” God Surya rode his chariot over the sky. or the Greek Helios. or Roman Sol Invictus. Or the Norse Lady God, Sol,thought Adithyan. The sheet over the shop sheltered them from the fury of the gods. Ajay was grinning, as usual.

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