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A Connection

It was a warm summer morning. Birds were flying around chirping, and flowers were in their full bloom. The streets were filled with the movement of people all in a hurry to get somewhere. A puppy, tail wagging and energetic, stood looking at the morning sun.

As he looked around, he saw a lot of different kinds of people. Some had lots of things , and others had less. But what it did not understand was that sometimes the ones who had more had a sense of trouble in their faces while those who had less had a sense of satisfaction and content in their faces. It could relate a persons happiness to the feeling it got on finding a bone. Thinking about the bone made him hungry. Just as he was about to look around for something to eat he caught a beautiful whiff of chicken.  Somehow unlike usual he wanted to follow the smell. Slowly trotting along the footpath he tried to find the source from which his mouth started watering. Eventually he found himself hot on trail of the smell. Walking past many streets, and the smell getting stronger and stronger he eventually reached a really beautiful and posh part of the city and in front of him was a large box of food in front of a huge house. The box was broken and it’s contents had spilled out. The puppy felt like he was in heaven. He feasted as he never had and by the time he was finished he could barely move. He decided to take a nap under the shade of a tree in front of the house which had filled his stomach.  The puppy slept through most of the day. Then as the sun calmed down , the puppy was startled awake by the sound of a car. He woke up and watched as a red convertible  towards the house. A man in a suit got out ,he noticed that the man was very different from the people he had previously observed, he seemed like someone who seemed to be confused about his surrounding.  As the man in the suit slammed the door of the car shut, the puppy ran and hid behind a tree.  The puppy was curious about who this man was so he decided to wait.

The sun had started to set when the man in the suit came out of the house. This time wearing a simple pant and shirt, he seemed more comfortable. The puppy slowly walked behind him as he walked past the different shops and streets. Then all of a sudden the man came to a stop in front of a cafe. The puppy stopped and waited. Through the clear glass window he saw the man go into the cafe and shake hands with some people of his same age. He then took a seat and ordered a coffee. As he waited for the coffee he talked to his friends and they all seemed to be having a great time. The puppy decided to keep observing this curious man.

The man and his friends kept conversing for about 5 minutes. Then each of them slowly pulled out their smartphones and began poking and prodding it. It was a common sight  for the puppy, to see people lost in their phones. But what he did not except was that the man in the suit did not pull out his phone he did not say anything about what the others were doing . It was apparent that he did not  like the reality but it was one he had to accept. The fact that people preferred to spend time in a virtual, non-existent world than actually spend time bonding with people and making connections. As he sipped his coffee taking in the aroma and enjoying every little moment, he glanced out the window as the sun slowly began to set casting upon the surroundings an soft orange glow, he saw a small white creature with huge watery eyes observing him. Some how he felt a connection with the creature, a touch of destiny. Sitting in his chair all of a sudden he took a deep breath and smiled. At that moment he felt at peace with himself.

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