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Neither the “Dissenting” nor the “Nationalist”

This post is my response to all the crap happening in JNU. (Read this if you don’t know what has happened) 


India is far off from its goals. A lot more is desired, and a lot more is to be achieved. We are a conservative society which is Misogynistic, Homophobic, and Racist in many spheres. We need to work together to stop all forms of discrimination and bigotry.

But does that mean we scream “Death to India”?

I think the college students in JNU don’t know what the HECK India stands for. A nation is an idea, it is a spirit that unifies the people of a land. Whether it be Tawang in Arunachal or Amritsar in Punjab, or Srinagar in J&K, or Kanyakumari in TN, India has the same heritage.

“We will fight until India’s destruction.”

Replace India with bigotry or hatred, I would support it. But India? Seriously?

Fight all you want people. There are 1.2 billion individuals in this country. Find out the traction you get and let me know, okay?


This is not a case of stifling dissent. This is a case where students in a public institution raised slogans against the same country who pays their way through college. This is a case where the faculty of the institute supported its students when they said BULL CRAP like this.

This is about action against sedition. Condemn them at the very least, please.

Meanwhile, The beating up of the journalists, by the so called “nationalists” in front of the Delhi High Court was wrong. They need to be condemned as well.

Hooliganism is not NATIONALISM.

Now this:


I’ve heard about bad Economics, but what the heck is this?[1]

“Each time they something sensible or critical” As I said earlier, it is not “sensible or critical” to scream “death to India” or resort to violence. Peaceful protests and disscussions are acceptable, anti-Indian and violence is not.

It’s not about the “paltry money” spent on them. It’s about what they’re doing and what they are doing. I am not denying the right of students to protest, to have an opinion, but our Campuses have been overly politicized. Higher Educational Institutions are to improve academic standards of this country. I think it would sadden and angry any taxpayer in the country to see the JNU incident. . If you do not believe in the Republic of India and live out elsewhere. This nation and people do not require the commitment of people whom does not believe in its ideals.

The ABVP and all those who used violence as an instrument to “enforce” nationalism do not represent my beliefs either. Their actions, I hope will invite the action of law.

Saib Bilwal, a research scholar in Modern and Contemporary History at Centre For Historical Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, wrote this article in Firstpost: “Bloodbath in the brook: JNU, the ‘national project’ and the anti-national debate

Mr.Bilwal says in his article: “Was it not everyone’s right to question the US government’s account of 9/11? Was that not democratic? Were all of them anti-nationals too?”

I would like to remind everyone that 9/11 was an incident involving the death of thousands of peoples, and those who questioned the US government’s version was generally considered to be a “fringe minority”[2] at best, or a “lunatic fringe”[3]. They questioned the accuracy of the Government’s account, not scream “Death to America!”

Mr.Bilwal continues:

“That this is politics cannot be more obvious from the fact that JNU Students Union President Kanhaiya Kumar has been arrested. Eyewitnesses state that while he made speeches critical of the Modi government, it was not he who shouted the ‘anti-national’ slogans including those of ‘azaadi’ for Kashmir.”

While in an earlier paragraph, he says:

“There is something called a fair trial. Maybe one has to face trial once to be able to truly value that.”

Why not wait for the trial to end before declaring Mr. Kanhaiya Kumar’s innocence.

It doesn’t end there:

“The Indian state has killed more Indian citizens than foreign troops, since independence. The case was the same during British rule. So I guess “anti-nationals” must be “purged” every now and then, for the good of the nation? Only the masters have changed.”

According to Mr.Bilwal, The Indian Government has killed more than 20,000 of its own citizens[4],[5]. According to an NLU Delhi[6] study, 1,414 people have been executed (according to available records)[7].

I’m impressed by the dictatorial government’s power- Vanishing 20,000 people won’t be that hard now, would it be?

“What matters is whether the nation remains representative of its people or not. Our country at Independence inherited more territory than areas where the national movement was strong. On the other hand, we lost areas of strong nationalism in partition. It’s a fact and must be faced. There is no nation without a national hegemonic project. The constituent assembly wasn’t elected on universal adult franchise. 66% of our Constitution is directly lifted from the Government of India Act 1935. We need to and HAVE to adapt. Let’s face it.”

Forget the obvious ignorant statements made[8]. Pakistan apparently inherited most of our nationalistic forces, and the Constitution is crap because the members were elected not on the basis of universal adult franchise. The Debates in the constituent assembly, which have been published, is witness to that.[9]

He has a point though. Yes, we will face it with sense that we have fallen behind. Then, we will work hard, work tirelessly, and work together for a better India.

[1] This is cherry picking the Government’s investment to portray a bad picture, and the realty is different, check the Budget here :

[2] Star Tribune: Newspaper of the Twin Cities (Minneapolis, MN) – September 6, 2006 Author: Bob von Sternberg ; Staff Writer Edition: METRO Section: NEWS Page: 1A.

[4] Calculation: All foreign troops killed in all Indo-Pakistani wars and the sole Sino-Indian War.

[8] I don’t have any sources- I don’t know how this statistic was made. Anyway, WOW.

~ First Posted in Snsbl Thghts (Special Thanks to Rose Joy for the Editing)

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