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#1 Why?

Why do you dislike meeting new people?”

Of course I don’t dislike meeting new people. I dislike the idea of adding more people to my life for reasons very simple. People always complain about not having enough time. And this complaint is argued against by the concepts of ‘effective time management’ and ‘proper planning’. Time is always there for people who make the effort or so they say. But really now, let’s sit down and think about it rationally. Is there really enough time for everything we have to do and everyone we wish to be with? I mean, sure – we do waste a lot of time each day but who would want to live a life without some breathing room. A life where everything is so meticulously planned out and live out to an almost obsessive tendency for perfection. A life without the surprises of life. A life devoid of the little joys and tiny bumps that life offers us – each an opportunity to mold our very spirit. Different flames breathing down on our white flame spirit, each trying to leave a mark in its own way.

Coming back – we have so many people in our lives already. And getting to know a person – in and out, through and through – is no simple task. People have a tendency to throw curve balls at you and every turning and crossing. Just when you think you’ve figured them out, they surprise you in the most strangest of ways – by doing something you wouldn’t think they would, trying something they were afraid of, failing to uphold their principles in the rotten society that exists today….. The list goes on. People don’t stop. Life doesn’t stop. In some ways everyone has to admit that it is indeed a marathon. A never-ending one with no beginning or end. Only a middle. Each leg of the race can change both you and the people you already know either to a large degree or minimally. But change remains the one and only constant in life. Not people. Change. The change in people. The change in our surroundings. And most importantly, the changes within you. Each day is a fresh one, each time you talk to someone you know – a new experience. It’s never the same. Not if you pay attention. As the clock ticks life away, principles change, outlooks change, and character changes – for better or for worse.

With all these things already going on in one’s life – with way too many people to make connections with – with a myriad of complexities to solve – with questions with no answers and answers with no questions – with doubts, fear, and regret – why would any rational being want to add fuel to the fire? Why would you willfully cut down what little time you have to sort out what is already present? Is that not just another way of running away? By forgetting that which we held dear to move onto the unknown, as a twisted sense of temporary relief emerges. Of course, the cycle repeats. Eventually the ‘new’ of today become the ‘old’ of tomorrow and ‘life’ – if you can call it that – continues like usual.

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